CALLI Community alternative learning and living inciative

Our mision

The Community Alternative Learning and Living Initiative (CALLI) is a
non-profit community learning initiative created to foster social change and
cultural agency by providing an interactive learning environment for
communities in Anaheim and Greater Orange County, California. Through an
integrated learning program ranging from adult education to nutrition and
sustainable living projects, we promote greater community awareness by
practicing collective learning and personal growth.  Working within a
predominantly bilingual and multicultural environment, CALLI provides a
space for meaningful cultural interaction to facilitate learning and
discussion with one ultimate goal: to improve the community’s quality of
life by cultivating and encouraging organic, community driven change.


Our programs cover the four following areas:

Continuing Education: Our programs include, but are not limited to,
adult literacy and basic education, bilingual GED preparation courses,
English as a Second Language, and U.S. citizenship classes.
Vocational Education and microentrepreneurship:  The courses and
workshops will offer technical training and certifications to low income
workers, as well as the orientation to become microentrepreneurs. We are
currently piloting the OC Green Gardening initiative, which seeks to provide
the information and tools for sustainable landscaping.
Sustainable living: A Health and Nutrition Program offering courses
at our on-site kitchen in healthy meal preparation, with corresponding
workshops to promote more active lifestyles.  These are offered to address
the growing incidence of adverse impacts on health associated with poor
nutrition and lack of exercise. This program will also incorporate work at
our on-site community garden where participants will gain hands-on
experience in home gardening.
Intercultural development and social action: With the objective of
expanding cultural dialogue and fostering the people’s active participation
in the community, we will offer an array of cultural events and programs
designed to provide a space for educational forums and community gatherings,
as well as a venue for art and performance presentations.


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